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Riverlot Orchards: Saskatchewan's little piece of Europe.

Did you know a small piece of Europe can be found right here in Saskatchewan? Just five minutes west of St. Louis, SK is Riverlot Orchards, a family run winery and bistro. Born from a hobby in the early 2000s, Riverlot Orchards is now one of Canada’s most successful “hidden gems”.

Riverlot Orchards started producing quality wines for public sale in 2010. Since then their wine has become world famous, winning awards all over the globe. Select Riverlot Orchards wines are even available in liquor stores across the province. The wine they produce is made onsite with all the ingredients grown right here in Saskatchewan. Although their wine is incredible, it's not the only thing that makes Riverlot Orchards a must-visit destination.

In 2013 the owners of Riverlot Orchards started a new venture. They constructed a massive monument to European wine culture and cuisine in the form of a charming castle bistro. This castle, on the bank of the South Saskatchewan River, is one of the most unique places to eat. The castle features two large dining rooms, a gift shop, and patio. The patio—oh my the patio—is possibly the most scenic place to eat in Saskatchewan. Overlooking the beautiful South Saskatchewan River, patrons of Riverlot’s castle bistro are treated to a beautiful score of classical music while they enjoy a delicious, locally sourced meal.

Can't get enough of their products? Browse the Riverlot Orchards' gift shop which features several varieties of their wine available in red, white, gold, blush, and port. If you're looking for something for the whole family, try their scrumptious jams and syrups which are just as impressive as the wine.

Business is booming for Riverlot Orchards in 2017. They have added new promotions for customers new and old to enjoy. Promotions include punch cards with every 6th glass and every 12th bottle of wine being free. They also offer free wine tasting on Sunday afternoons.

People travel from across Canada to enjoy the rustic European cuisine and delicious Saskatchewan produced wine. To keep up with popular demand, the bold bistro is opening an extra day each week this season. From Wednesday to Sunday until early October you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and unparalleled food and wine.

As if producing one of Saskatchewan’s best wine and dine experiences wasn't enough, Riverlot Orchards is also expanding their business to include tours. Tours of the orchard are available on Mondays upon request.

Just twenty minutes south of Prince Albert, Riverlot Orchards offers a unique and welcoming experience. The beauty of the surroundings, charm of the European-style, and top-notch food and wine make it a must-visit. Riverlot Orchards might just be Saskatchewan’s best place to spend an afternoon and a destination you'll want to visit again and again.

Riverlot Orchards Winery & Bistro

3km West of St. Louis, SK

Open Seasonally Wednesday-Sunday 12pm-8pm


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