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The Rusty Owl Cafe!

Eating isn’t always a necessity. It can be a fantastic experience full of taste, culture and style. Well, that’s what Philip Fourie created when he opened “The Rusty Owl Cafe. Inspired by a cafe in his hometown in South Africa, Fourie set out to create a steampunk themed cafe that offered fantastic dishes in a unique atmosphere. From the bright blue door to the decadent desserts--even the washrooms!--This cozy cafe features rustic art and decorations that keep your eyes wandering in curiosity while you wait for your food.

The food itself is unlike anything else in Prince Albert. Mouthwatering pizzas are baked on stone ovens and topped with fresh ingredients, rich milkshakes that could make a king envious and crepes stuffed with chicken or fruit, Not to mention the Oliv brand olive oil sold in house!

The staff at the Rusty Owl greet customers with warm smiles and friendly words. On staff is Carlo Acero as Head Barista, Wilbert Bolotano as Head Chef and Marilyn Catalan as Head Pastry Chef. With a team this strong and passionate, it’s no wonder the cafe is a huge success.

The Rusty Owl Cafe is open 8am-5pm Mondays and 8am-9pm Tuesdays to Saturdays. It’s the perfect location for a memorable date night or a casual bite to eat with friends. For more information, see their Facebook page or call (306) 970-8022. Don’t just eat your food, experience it!


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3700 2nd Avenue West,

Prince Albert, SK S6W 1A2


Toll Free 1-877-868-7470



​Tuesday to Thursday

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
*hours are subject to change