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Forest Fringe Orchards - A sweet place to spend an afternoon.

Forest Fringe Orchards has called the Prince Albert area home for over a decade. Just twenty minutes north on highway 55 you’ll find a quarter section of land filled with just about every kind of berry you can think of. Forest Fringe Orchards grows everything from Saskatoon berries and strawberries to sour cherries and currants.

Forest Fringe Orchards is an extraordinary visit for many reasons but the biggest reason to visit is most definitely their U-pick service. U-Pick has been a staple of Forest Fringe Orchards for 11 years. The U-Pick service offers customers a chance to walk through the beautiful planted fields and pick their very own berries. Say goodbye to frozen supermarket berries and say hello to fresh Saskatchewan grown berries you can take home today. Berries cost $14.00 for a 4L pail.

They accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, and Cash on site for your convenience.

Now, if the beautiful scenery of the north Saskatchewan country side and the delicious hand picked berries isn’t enough to get you out to visit Forest Fringe, maybe their newest venture will be. In October 2016 Forest Fringe Orchards began using their delicious berries to produce wine. All the wine is produced on site just 20 feet away from the gift shop. Using almost every berry and fruit at their disposal, Forest Fringe has a variety of wines available for purchase. Rhubarb, Sweet Cherry, Honey Mead, Raspberry and Apple are just a few in a wide selection of wine available for purchase at their gift shop.

If the sweet Saskatchewan wine isn’t your speed, fear not. Forest Fringe Orchard’s gift shop features all kinds of products. The gift shop also features handmade jams, honey, syrup and salsa. All these products just like their wine are produced on site.

Forest Fringe Orchards is one of the Prince Albert area’s fastest growing businesses. Their gift shop features some of the most delicious Saskatchewan made products on the market. Their U-Pick service runs from July through August. For more information on these and any other products or services not mentioned here you can check out Forest Fringe Orchard’s website www.ForestFringeOrchards.ca. If you’re looking for a place to check out this weekend make sure you pick Forest Fringe Orchards, it’s a pretty sweet place to spend an afternoon.

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