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A recap on Festivals.. fun for and to help the community!

These local summer events happen every single year and some even support local causes and projects! So, we can all have fun knowing we're helping our community thrive!

Threshing Festival

Recap on this year's festival:

Although it rained Saturday they still had 300 people through the gate with over 700 people through on Saturday, and overall it was one of their best turn outs yet!

The ever popular tractor pulls were back running most of the day and the rest of the day was filled with music, bouncy castles, a canteen and 'people movers' (ie. a tractor pulling a wagon to give rides).

The saw mill was operating and the threshing machine was up and running for demonstrations! As always, folks were encouraged to visit the other onsite buildings and museums! The silent auction was also a hit with some local restaurants donating gift cards and others providing anything you could imagine from welding gloves to furniture.

The pancake breakfast, both days, was very well received! Funds from this event go directly toward maintaining the site, creating new venues and buildings and restoring equipment.

*New* to the site, this year:

The recently built vintage radio museum for armature hand radios and the announcers booth for tractor pull!

What's next?

They are cautiously optimistic that they will have their newly acquired 50hp Case Steam Traction Engine up and running, as long as it passes inspection that is; Percy the curator and organizer, along with some other members, has his steam license, so they're more than excited to get it going! They'd like to see it belted to the threshing machine for demoing! This rare engine might be one of only 15 in the entire province that are operational and she's beaut'! As such, they also hope to build a building for the steam tractor and someday they hope to have a vintage tractor dealership and hardware store for people to view!

Next Year's date: July 20th & 21st, 2019 (TBA officially in 2019)

Location: Vintage Power Machines Site (South on Hwy 2 to Hwy 11, take a right) What: Vintage Threshing Machine Festival, Tractor Pulls, Demo's, Live Music, Silent Auction, Kids Activities and more. Cost: ** $5/person** (12 and under free)

Vintage Threshing Machine Festival

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Pine Needle Mountain Bike Festival

Recap on this year's festival:

On a beautiful sunny spring day, the festival welcomed 149 cyclists in their 6 hour mountain bike event with 87 children running in the MNP Wilderness Run, plus countless others who came to take part in the amazing music, great food and bouncy castles! Over 2,000 people took part this summer!

What is the Mountain Bike Challenge?

A 6 hour 'enduro' (long-distance race) for all skill and ability levels through the boreal forest of Little Red River Park! Teams of 4 are recommended, but teams of 2 can also take park, allowing for team members to rest and enjoy the festival during laps! See how many laps your team can complete in 6hrs, the team who completes the most laps in their category wins a prize!

What is the MNP Kids Wilderness Run?

A fun run for kids with three categories- Foxes (5 & under), Coyotes (6-9), Wolves (10+); kids run for the challenge and a chance to win the prize! All participants get a free hotdog and drink courtesy of the Hi Noon Optimist Club!

2018 Donation (Funds from the Festival) = $10,000 towards new fire pits and water bottle filling station at the Cosmo Lodge at Little Red River Park in Prince Albert!

Past Projects funded by the festival include:

  • 2011-$5,000 towards Rotary Trail | 2012- $8,500 towards KidSport P.A. | 2013- 2 AED's in community schools | 2014- River Trail Retaining Wall Project | 2015/16- New Fire Pits at LIttle Red River Park | 2017/18- Fire Pits & Water Bottle Station!

  • To date the Festival has raised over $44,000 for the community!

Next Year's date: Sunday, June 9th, 2019

Location: Little Red River Park What: Mountain Bike Challenge, Music Festival, Food Vendors & Kids Activities Cost: ** FREE**

Pine Needle Mountain Bike & Music Festival



Recap on this year's festival:

This year was full of lively faces, coming from near and far to dance their feet off to some great music! Year after year return visitors' book in advance and take part in the Prince Albert Polka Fest sometimes coming early or staying afterward to explore the region! You can come for the day or the entire weekend, or even just the pancake breakfast. Anything goes! Some come to dance, others like to sit and listen to the music while they watch others dance, some might even come just for the delicious homemade food!

Saturday was a full house and, the new out of town Regina band, the Dennis & Curtis Ficor Band was well received in addition to some of our local bands such as the Gold Tones Band and Country Gentleman Band! The big hit on Sunday was the Heritage Jammers which included around 12 musicians including banjo’s, violin, keyboard, accordion and more!

If you’ve ever wondered what actually goes on here and who it’s open to, then we’ve got the scoop for you!

  • Everyone is welcome; it’s even great for the whole family!

  • It’s not just Polka.. there’s also Jive, 2-step, Waltz etc

  • You can attend for the whole weekend, and save money with their Super Pass, come for one day or even just the pancake breakfast, which some do! The refreshment area serves homemade food; with soup and sandwiches available all day and full on supper meal from 5-8pm!

Did you know?

  • The Polkafest has been dancing people off their feet for 16 years now!

  • It is run by a team of at least 30/35 dedicated volunteers each night of the event without whom this event would not be the success that it is and is a fundraiser for the Prince Albert Exhibition Association to which 100% of the funds stay in Prince Albert going towards the event centre’s maintenance and ability to host future events!

  • There is actually a wait list of people in line to become a volunteer for this event!

  • This community run event is all encompassing from volunteers to media support to community attendance and even donations by sponsors like B&P Water, Safeway and Co-op; Lakeland Ford also take part along with attendance from the Mayor and Council!

  • New this year!

  • Ushers! Volunteers worked even harder to make your experience a better one from the moment you walked in the door.. no more confusion about which seats were taken or open for the taking!

  • New faces to the event and younger people attending! Organizer Lawrence Bodnar says that with the increase of dance class options available people are getting interested in dance again! He even introduced himself to an entire table of fresh faces from Saskatoon helping them to feel connected to the event and continues to stay in touch with folks from back when the event first started!

  • Some thoughts and comments from organizer Lawrence Bodnar:

  • ‘Music is healthy!’ It brings the community together and promotes wellness!

  • ‘When you see that hall, see it filled- uh- there’s nothing better!’ ‘When you see that energy..’

  • What he has to say about the success of the event, simply put: ‘We believe it!’ and because they all believe in their event it’s no wonder it’s such a success!

  • ‘Our volunteers are the backbone of this whole event, if it wouldn’t have been for volunteer attendance it wouldn’t be what it is!’

Next Year's date: August 23rd - 25th, 2019

Location: Prince Albert Exhibition Centre What: Music, Dancing, Homemade Food, Pancake Breakfast Cost: ** Super Pass - $39** (prices vary based on the day)

Sunday Pancake Breakfast $8/adult

Polka Fest

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